Daniel Holmes Reconstruction LLC specializes in accident investigation, accident reconstruction, and airbag data analysis.  Let me show you what I can provide your firm in the area of crash reconstruction and see how beneficial the data from an airbag control module can be. 

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On scene investigation

The ability to correctly identify the evidence at the scene is paramount in determining the mechanics of the crash.  It shows how the vehicles relate to each other from first contact, maximum engagement, separation, and final rest. 


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scale diagrams

The accurate documentation of the crash evidence in a scale diagram allows a reconstructionist to provide a momentum analysis, time distance analysis, line of sight analysis, and speed analysis.


The chart to the left is an example of the Pre-Crash Data that was stored in a 2008 Ford Fusion.  This data proved crucial in the outcome of the case and shows the driver's intent prior to the airbag being deployed. 

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