Accident Investigation Services

Let my 30+ years of accident investigation provide your firm/client with an independent analysis of your crash. Using the police accident report, any supplemental reports, witness statements, and photographs I will give and impartial opinion of accident. This information will help in determining the next best course of action.

Accident Reconstruction Services

If it is determined that a reconstruction is warranted, I have experience in reconstructing crashes involving passenger vehicles (cars, light trucks, and sport utility vehicles), pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, and commercial vehicles. I am trained in the following areas:

  1. Scene inspection and the interpretation of the roadway evidence.

  2. Using vehicle inspections for any causation of the crash and in determining vehicle orientation at first contact, maximum engagement and separation.

  3. Crash Data Retrieval and analysis of that data.

  4. The use of forensic mapping or drone photographs in generating CAD drawings.

The accident reconstruction will be based on all of the available evidence and accepted industry standards. When applicable there will be a speed analysis, a time distance analysis, a perception reaction time (human factors) analysis and an occupant kinematics analysis in determining the causation of the crash.

Because of my independent and impartial examination of all factors, I have been retained by both plaintiff and defense council in criminal and civil cases.

Fee Schedule

Unless otherwise agreed upon, a $500.00 non-refundable retainer is required before any work is started. This retainer will be credited towards any work preformed. A fee of $175.00 per hour will be charged for all case work associated with the case, plus related expenses. This would include review of all case materials and photographs, scene and vehicle inspections, scene diagrams, reports and trial (deposition) preparation and testimony. Court testimony will only be provided on completed crash reconstructions and the report that is generated. Mileage will be charged at 56 cents per mile. Related expenses will be discussed prior to purchasing. Fees for a technical assistant will be $75.00 per hour and will be discussed on a case by case need.